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Position Title:
Orientation and Procurement Officer

Work Unit:
Organising Unit

Responsible to:
Campaign and Public Division

Hours of work:
38 hours

In accordance with – Organiser salary range of the Health Services Union NSW Employee Agreement

As set out in work plan

The Orientation and Procurement Officer is a specialised function generally operating predominantly within the Public Health system, however also including other divisions where orientations and recruitment events are possible.

The Orientation and Procurement Officer:
Coordinates the unions orientation calendar, attends orientations and presents on the benefits of Union membership, focusing on the services available to Union members.

Liaises and builds relationships with key stakeholders across the workplaces we cover to establish and enforce our continuing presence at orientations and other sites where orientations take place.

Manages the attendance and co-ordination of HSU representatives at orientations across the state.

Under the direction of HSU Managers and Finance policy is responsible for the procurement and purchasing of HSU merchandise, uniforms, campaign and marketing materials

The skills required of the Orientation/ Procurement Officer fit those required of an organiser. The Orientation and Procurement Officer is expected to demonstrate a very high level of recruitment and public relation skills.


  • Holds a current drivers licence
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities, reflective of the Union movement and HSU NSW values
  • Proven ability to capitalise on and contribute to change and innovation
  • A strong demonstrated commitment to excellence and quality in union services
  • Experience in developing innovative union service and organising delivery models
  • Demonstrated decision making and effective time management skills
  • Commitment to the underlying principles of social justice, community development & equity
  • Excellent presentation, public speaking, networking and interpersonal skills


  • Communications & Teamwork
  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of effective team relations within the HSU NSW
    which includes liaison with the Industrial and Membership Teams
  • Participation and contribution on the development of HSU NSW strategic planning, campaigns, campaign material, Industrial Relations policies and processes
  • Identify contingencies associated with Union campaigns and member/workplace matters
  • Manage skills transfer to members within the workplace and utilise the branch/delegate structures to deliver outcomes
  • Convene, manage and participate in workplace & branch/delegate meetings and visits
  • Identify, assess and capitalise on change and innovation in the members workplace
  • Deliver presentations at orientations and an ability to recruit new members through orientation, trade displays and HSU events.
  • Build relationships and networking contacts with key stakeholders both internally and externally
  • Provide regular reports on current issues and activities to the Divisional Manager/s


  • Maintain, organise & strengthen existing membership and branch/delegate structures
  • Identify potential new members and organise new branch/delegate structures in area of coverage
  • Provide timely and quality assistance to the membership
  • Achieve and maintain effective workplace relations in membership workplaces and within the HSU NSW offices
  • Responsible for uniform and merchandise procurement for the organisation in accordance with Union policy

Information Management

  • Effectively and appropriately utilise the HSU NSW information systems, including internet and email to enhance service to members and the organisation
  • Access and utilise members records appropriately
  • Produce reports and documents for the Union as requested
  • Ensure the security and privacy of members details and information

Self-Management & Workplace Environment

  • Manage work priorities and professional development
  • Maintain up to date knowledge of changes to Awards and Legislation
  • Ensure a safe work environment
  • Inform the Secretary if circumstances change which prevent the Organiser functions being carried out. e.g. Loss of driver’s licence

Performance Appraisal

The incumbent’s performance shall be evaluated by the Secretary and Divisional Manager/s after 6 months service and at the conclusion of 12 months service.  Thereafter every 12 months with an interim discussion at 6 months to assist and assess goals set during the year.


Location: Sydney CBD

Closing Date:  Monday 25 September 2017

Closing Time: 06:00 PM

Contact Name: Linda Zutitis

Contact Email: