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You work hard in aged care so make sure we can work hard to represent you.

Is your existing agreement about to run out? If so let the union know so we can represent you and help you and your colleagues secure a new one.

HSU is embarking on a campaign to negotiate hundreds of replacement EBAs in the aged care sector. But we can only help you if we know about it.

The union is contacting aged care sites where agreements have expired with a view to opening up discussions for new ones.

The FACTS about bargaining in AGED CARE

  • Under the Fair Work Act your employer must tell you when they want to bring in a replacement agreement.
  • They will also talk about your rights to have a “Bargaining Representative.” Don’t be confused by words like these.
  • The facts are HSU is your default bargaining representative.
  • We can only help you if we know about your agreement. Tell us when you receive the letter so we can inform your employer that we will be representing you.
  • Don’t expect someone else to do it.
  • You and your co-workers can then work with us to get the best deal possible and you will have the final say on what goes into the agreement.


How to get involved in the fight for your future

  • Connect with us and ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ our Facebook and get involved in the conversation.
  • Get involved in the EBA process and join the negotiating committees in your workplace to establish what you want in YOUR log of claims.
  • Join up a friend and help to rebuild the union and increase our strength in numbers.
  • Switch to Direct Debit if you haven’t already done so.