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We all know government underfunding in NSW has had a critical effect on the capacity of paramedics to protect the community.

Over the last ten years, paramedic numbers have not increased to meet demand or population growth.

Get involved in the fight to boost ambulance staffing in NSW. Let’s send a message to the Minister for Health that the community of NSW deserves better.

How you can help in the fight to boost ambo numbers in NSW

  • Join the Health Services Union – Ambulance Division Facebook page and get involved in the conversation.
  • Attend union and sub-branch meetings in your area.
  • Send a letter or email to your local MP about the effects of understaffing in your community Find your local MP
  • Inform the union and the media about the effects understaffing is having on your community and make your voice heard that you won’t stand for second rate services.
  • Organise a community rally in your local town and tell the public what is happening to their trusted ambulance service.
  • Sign up a member and increase our strength in numbers

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