Urgent Update re PMBH Bans

HealthShare PTOs: Bans still on

What is a Working With Children Check? [Private Health]

NBMLHD: Reporting lines changes, Medical Recruitment

Gosford Hospital Patient Inquiries Update

Tweed Domestic Services Rosters Update

Are You Getting Your Correct Super?

Justice Health: JCC Minutes 10 October 2018

Port Macquarie Base Hospital Privatisation Update

ACT Public Sector Health Professionals Enterprise Agreement

Canberra Health: Wardspersons Classification Offer Update

ACT Health Support Services Agreement

Restructure: Specialist Disability Health Team, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network

Paramedics need to ‘Take 5 To Survive’

ACT Health Professionals: HSU wins increase to night shift penalty

ACT Final EBA Update: Support Services

Ibis Care Enterprise Agreement Update

Ministry agrees to meet with PTO delegates

Port Macquarie Base Hospital: Privatisation rears its head again

NSWA settles group cert dispute: bans lifted

NSWA bungles group certs for a second time

RSL Lifecare Major Workplace Change

Flourish Enterprise Agreement goes back out to a vote

Lismore Base Hospital Security Resolution

Port Macquarie Base Hospital Radio Communication Update

Update: Gosford Hospital Safety Concerns

Armidale Hospital: HealthShare starts consultation on draft roster for Patient Support Services

Montefiore Homes Update

HealthShare and the Ministry still don’t care about patient safety

Gosford: HSU issues a Cease Work notice over safety concerns in new Hospital

RSL Lifecare Updated Surveillance Policy & Procedure

ACT Health Bullying Survey

HNELHD Lower Mid North Coast Sector Allied Health Positions Vacancies

Gosford Hospital staff car parking fee set for drastic increase

Tweed Head Hospital Proposed Domestic Services Roster

Are Your Contracted Hours Updated? [Rosary Village]

PMBH bans lifted following LHD agreement to meet and negotiate

Restructure: St Vincents Hospital & Parklea Correctional Complex

Meetings re Wardspersons Classification Structure Claim [ACT]

Important announcement re Hospital Security Review

NNSWLHD Laundry Allowance Update

Hospital Security Campaign: ‘Our Hands Are Tied’

SESLHD: Restructure, Public Health Unit School Immunisation Program

Baptist Care Warena Workplace Change

HSU Win at HKH: Conversion of Aged Care Liaison Nurse to 2x Social Work positions

Westmead Hospital Sub Branches Unite

PTO leaving patients unsupervised: Industrial ban back on & Crib away update

Paramedic specialisation survey – please respond

Catholic Healthcare Dispute Update

SNSWLHD Salary Packaging Outsourcing Proposal

Aged Care & Disabilities: New HSU Organiser

Blood Collectors: Your Health, Your Hands – Sydney Childrens Hospital Westmead

Transition from Mona Vale & Manly to Northern Beaches Hospital

WSLHD: Restructure Linen & Supply Services Auburn Hospital

NNSWLHD Laundry Allowance Update

Carino Care Rockdale: Major Workplace Change

Roseneath Aged Care: Have you been paid for training?

McLean Care Inverell: Have you been paid for training?

eHealth NSW – Restructure Business Operations Support

Tell us what you need as a Mental Health Worker in SLHD

Bathurst Hospital: Spotless & Alleged Negative ADO Balances

Banksia Lodge Notification of Major Workplace Change

Ignore NSWA’s 15 minute off stretcher instructions

eHealth NSW Relocation from Gladesville

Fresh Hope: Are You Owed Money?

Scalabrini Bexley Roster Review

ISLHD: Proposed Restructure Procurement & Commercial Services

ACT EBA Update: Infrastructure EBA

John Paul Village Enterprise Agreement Update

Catholic Healthcare Update

North Coast & Mid North Coast MFC Working Party

SWSLHD: Proposed changes to rostering, Sexual Assault Counselling Service

MLHD JCC Minutes 11 October 2018

Sydney Healthcare Interpreter Service Operations

Compression V Depression Motorcycle Ride

NSWA does not have the extremely dangerous airbags fitted (but there is still a risk)

NNSWLHD Laundry Allowance Update

Update: JHH Surgical Services Changes to start times for admin staff

Uniting Edinglassie Village Emu Plains Redevelopment Update

Dealing with difficult residents [Autumn Lodge]

Ambulance Takata airbags remain unsafe

ACT Health Enterprise Agreement: Update for Wardspersons

Southern Cross Care WHS Concerns

Advertising of HSU position

Change The Rules Rally In Newcastle

Tweed Heads Domestic Services Proposed Rosters

Nepean Private Hospital: Introduction of Time In Lieu of Overtime (TOIL)

Have Your Say: Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Enterprise Agreement

Were you paid properly the last time you took leave? [Tenterfield Care]

MNCLHD: Dietetics Redesign, Hastings Macleay Network

Campbelltown Hospital Environmental Services Concerns

HammondCare Agreement voted up, next step Commission approval

750 extra staff: NSWA waits for approval to consult

ACT EBA Update: Admin Agreement

FWC approves your agreement – Have you received back pay + pay rise? [Fresh Hope]

Northern Beaches Hospital Update October 2018

Negotiations continue for your new RFBI enterprise agreement

FWC now considering your agreement

Groundhog Day at the CRAM Foundation

The Haven – Sale to Catholic Healthcare

Dougherty Apartments Workplace Surveillance

Feros Roster Changes

Moran Health Care Enterprise Agreement

Berkeley Vale Private Hospital: Discontinuation of surgical services

WSLHD Asset Maintenance Restructure: Draft Position Descriptions

SESLHD: Proposed Restucture, St George & Sutherland Mental Health Service

SESLHD: Proposed Restructure, Health Safety & Wellbeing

HNELHD: Changes to James Fletcher Operations for V8 Supercars Weekend

Mercy Health Enterprise Agreement Update

HNELHD Christmas Closedown Arrangements

Your new agreement: it’s a Yes for Allity

ACT EBA Update: Common Core

NSWA gives up on staff and recruits externally

Know Your Rights: Have you been docked pay?

NSW Health Employment Checks Policy Directive Consultation

John Paul Village – Care Worker Position Description Update

HammondCare caught telling a porky!

ACT EBA Update: Health Professionals

Canberra Health Service and ACT Health Directorate

ACT EBA Update: Wardie Classification Structure

Uniting Peak Consultative Council Update

Calvary Bruce & Riverina Enterprise Agreement Update

Karitane Hotel Services Staff Roster Review

John Paul Village – Care Worker Position Description

HammondCare in unfair bargaining conduct, says HSU

HNELHD: CYPF Secretarial Services Redesign

BMDH Social Work After Hours On Call Service

HammondCare taking EA to vote: HSU has serious concerns

Labour Day Festival and Union Picnic [ACT]

Healthe Care Transitional Agreement

ACT Health Agreements: Alteration of Service Hours Clause

RNSH HealthShare: Sick Leave Concerns

Macquarie University Hospital Enterprise Agreement Update

HNELHD: John Hunter Hospital Staff Parking Afternoon & Night Shifts

Safe staffing at St Joseph’s

JHH: Proposed change to start times for Surgical Services Admin

RSL Lifecare Update

ADHSU’s approach to traditional and social media

Uniting Update: New Model of Care and Peak Consultative Committee

Aged Care Royal Commission: Have Your Say

Advantaged Care Enterprise Agreement

NNSWLHD & MNCLHD: “My Food Choice” Update

NSLHD: Proposed Child Youth & Family Services Restructure

John Paul Village Enterprise Agreement Survey

Laverty Pathology Enterprise Agreement Negotiations

Vale Peter ‘Ankles’ Annetts

Advertising of HSU position

HSU Aged Care Organiser: Apply Now!

John Paul Village Update

750 extra staff: NSWA sets up fake consultation process to fool the community

St Vincent’s Health Facilities Enterprise Agreement

ACT Health Proposal: Formation of two Health Organisations

ISLHD: Proposed changes to Clinical Governance Unit

Closure of Mosman Private Hospital

Your new EA – it’s a yes for Australian Unity!

Justice Health: Freshwater Unit Design, Forensic Hospital

HammondCare Enterprise Agreement Update

MNCLHD: Unconfirmed minutes JCC

Advertising of HSU position

RFBI – Progress on your new agreement

My Food Choice – Armidale Hospital

ACT Bargaining Update: Draft Alteration of Service Hours Clause

Rosary Village Update

Sunnyfield Back Pay

Grafton Base Hospital Wardspersons Roster Dispute

Registration and English Language Proficiency

Advantaged Care Enterprise Agreement

Proposed restructure: Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Health Service Executive Structure

NSLHD: Proposed restructure, HIS

Proposed restructure NCIRS Corporate Services

Overtime meal allowance – when can you claim?

South Coast AMS Enterprise Agreement Survey

Proposed transfer of SCBB collectors from SCHN to NSWHP

Registration and Professional Indemnity Insurance

CCLHD Pharmacy Restructure Update

Bans on Auto Answer

St Basil’s Pay Rise and Enterprise Agreement Update

NNSWLHD & MNCLHD: “My Food Choice” Concerns

Health Practitioner Regulation National Law

Cootamundra Nursing Home: Important Phone Conference

Do you want to bargain for a new EA? [Marco Polo]

Auto Answer Dispute Update

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital: Update on Overnight Medical Imaging

Rose Mumbler Village Enterprise Agreement Update

ACT Health Guideline: Professional Development Leave

HealthShare John Hunter Hospital: Proposed Work Group Formations

WSLHD Asset Maintenance Restructure: Feedback Required

Have your say – Regional Imaging Riverina & Border

Ibis Care: Commencement of Enterprise Bargaining

WSLHD: Proposed Restructure, Westmead Education & Conference Centre

WNSWLHD: Unconfirmed minutes, AJCC & USCC

NNSWLHD Laundry Allowance Update

CCLHD: Proposed change to organisational structure

PTS management plead with PTOs to sell out their rights

Gosford Hospital – ADO balances

ACT Health Procedure – Loss of Mandatory Qualifications or Registration

Bethshan: Roster Change & Annual Leave

Urgent advice: Radiography members, Manly & Mona Vale Hospitals

Cootamundra EA Update – Response due this week

Bolton Clarke: Commencement of Enterprise Bargaining

Regis Aged Care: Commencement of Enterprise Bargaining

NSWA bungles PICU offers in South West Sydney

ISLHD: Proposed changes to Medical Workforce Unit

HNELHD: Manning Hospital Management of high risk patients

Justice Health: Incorrectly Applied DORIS Allowance

Restructure: Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network ICT Division

John Paul Village Classifications Update

Partial resolution of clinical demotion dispute

What do you think? Your pay offer & changes to Annual Leave

Our Turn To Care – Public Forum in Grafton this Thursday!

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Lismore: Enterprise Agreement Update

Unconfirmed minutes: Wagga Wagga Base Hospital USCC

Unfair clinical demotion dispute

ACT Enterprise Agreement Update

Northern Beahces Hospital Update: Revised HSU Visit Times

Ramsay Health Care: 2018 Additional Public Holiday

Northern Beaches Hospital Update: Letters of offer

Montefiore Homes: Sign the petition and make your employer bargain

Catholic Archdiocese Facilities – Possible Sale

Healthe Care Enterprise Agreement: Don’t forget to vote!

Have your say in your Enterprise Agreement

HealthShare makes sup-par offer to settle Crib Away dispute (please vote below)

Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick: Changes to CPCS

NSW Health Review of Uniforms Policy Directive – Consultation

Draft Workplace Accommodation Policy: Your Views

AVEO Tamworth: Where are you having lunch today?

John Paul Village – Incorrect classifications

My Food Choice – Sutherland Hospital

Tweed Heads Hospital Roster Update

Thank You For Working In Aged Care Day

Bupa: Your new agreement and pay offer

PTO crew questions ED-ED job and saves a life

Ark Health Sold

Tweed Heads Hospital Domestic Services Roster

Anglican Care – Increasing Full Time and Contracted Hours

Hey St Basil’s – Where’s your new enterprise agreement?

Have your say: Northview Aged Care Enterprise Agreement

Update: Southern Cross Care Dispute

Cootamundra Nursing Home – Meeting time changed

IVF Australia: Enterprise Agreement Negotiations set to start

Calvary Health: Changes to structure

The Canberra Hospital: Things are changing for the better

ACT Enterprise Bargaining Update

Northern Beaches Hospital Update

Hornsby Hospital Stage 2 Redevelopment: Your views

You’re invited: Union meeting next week Tuesday 5 August

John Paul Village Enterprise Agreement

Review of Psychologist position, Infant Child Youth & Family Team, Cowra MHDA

We will not be bullied by Marco Polo!

FWC approves your agreement – Have you received your bonus payment?

Update: Cranbrook Care Individual Flexibility Arrangements

HSU Aged Care Organiser: Apply Now!

Doorknocking for aged care

eHealth NSW: Proposed changes to Technical Services

SHCIS: Permanent staffing levels and use of sessional interpreters

WNSWLHD: Realignment of Chronic Disease Management Program

Advertising of HSU positions

FWC approves your agreement – Have you received your back pay + pay rise?

John Hunter Hospital: Proposed Restructure CSSD

HSR Win for Wardspersons – One Day Too Late

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital: Update on proposed change to Medical Imaging

Results of Barrel Draw – Surplus IT Equipment

Uniting Consultative Committee

Clinical Excellence Commission Proposed Changes

Southern Cross Care Dispute Update

Sutherland Hospital: Proposed Restructure Finance & Performance Directorate

Prince of Wales Hospital: Proposed Restructure Medical Workforce Unit

Mona Vale Hospital: Proposed Medical Imaging Structure

UPA Thomas & Rosetta Park – Changes to hours

Our Turn to Care kicking goals in Gilmore

Very cross with Southern Cross

Amendment to the Crimes (Sentencing Procedures) Act 1999

CE secretly removes clinical requirement from DDO positions

St Vincents Hospital: Change to Workers Compensation

MNCLHD: Appointment of Associate Director Workforce

FWC approves you agreement – Have you received your back pay?

Your new enterprise agreement – it’s a yes for Bupa ACT!

JHH Night Roadworks

HSU ban on multiple loading of patients

Brookvale Community Health Centre Parking Arrangements

ADHSU delegation to ACTU Congress

Ward and Food Services walk off the job

MNCLHD: Response re Hastings Macleay Network Finance Restructure

HSU ban on loading multiple patients unless both are ambulant

BCAC Laundry Allowance Update

Fair Work Commission considering your new agreement

HammondCare: This is what we’re fighting for!

SESLHD: Proposed changes to Sutherland Hospital Social Work Department

Ruthless HealthShare fights dirty to save a buck

SWSLHD: Proposed Restructure GP Academic Unit

End of Financial Year Tax Statements

Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children Enterprise Agreement Update

North Coast Radiology Enterprise Agreement Update

Bargaining to commence for Macquarie University Hospital Enterprise Agreement

Update: Classifications at Healthe Care newly acquired sites

HSU meets with SCC re cuts to hours

HammondCare Log of Claims

Uniting Agreement Approved; EOIs sought for Consultative Committee

2018 Delegates Conference – Leave Request Form

Fresh Hope: Proposed Changes to Business Support Officer (BSO) role

Ark Health Parramatta Sold

Change The Rules Robertson Campaign Launch

Time to receive the benefits of extra staff

Laverty Enterprise Agreement: It’s Important!

ACT Health apply to terminate/suspend Ward Services industrial action

Major Workplace Change St Augustine’s

SCC Workplace Change Update

Crib break penalty dispute partially settled (bans lifted)

Advertising of HSU positions

It’s time to penalise NSWA for missed cribs

Infectious Cleaning Allowance & Cribbing Away

RSL Lifecare meet with the HSU to discuss changes

BaptistCare Warena Roster Changes Update

Thank You For Working In Aged Care Day – 12 September

Update: Southern Cross Care Major Workplace Change

Happy 18th Birthday, ACT Government

Bupa ACT Enterprise Agreement Update

HNELHD: JHH Patient Support Services USCC Update #1

Southern Cross Care: Notification of Major Change

Murrumbidgee LHD JCC Minutes June 2018

Beleaguered CE says sorry

NBMLHD: Proposed Restructure Patient, Safety & Quality Directorate

HammondCare Enterprise Agreement Negotiations Begin

Catholic Healthcare: Roster change at St Anne’s

ACT: Letter from the Chief Minister

Proposed Restructure InforMH

Workplace injuries: Don’t let management stand over you

St Andrews Consultation Meeting

Australian Unity Enterprise Agreement Update

Survey: Pre-Hospital Phlebotomy in the Illawarra

St Vincent’s Public Hospital: Post-Voluntary Redundancy workloads survey

Allity: Back to the bargaining table + Award wage pay increase

Cootamundra Nursing Home Enterprise Agreement

Change of Roster – Environmental Services Bankstown Hospital

Closure of Bega Valley Private Hospital

Call for WSLHD Integrated and Community Health Workplace Delegates

Pre-Hospital Phlebotomy and growing the profession

Gosford Hospital Environmental Services concerns

Extra paramedics and professional wages

BaptistCare Warena: Trial of new model of care

Mona Vale Hospital Reconfiguration as Urgent Care Centre

2018 Delegates Conference – ‘Change the Rules’

PTOs ordered to clean vehicle after transporting infectious patients

JCC Minutes – MLHD

People Matter Survey NNSWLHD


Goulburn Hospital: Introduction of On-Call Roster in CSSD

Update: University of Canberra Hospital

Sutherland Hospital: Proposed Changes Nutrition & Dietetics

Wesley Mission Enterprise Agreement Update

Cleaning vehicle after transporting infectious patients banned as of tomorrow (19 June)

Possible major workplace change at St Andrews

Justice Health: Transition to HealthRoster

Fresh Hope Workplace Change

Protest: University of Canberra Hospital 9am 16 June 2018

ACT Health: Form and Function Review Outcomes

Calvary Public Hospital Bruce: Changes to Sterilising Services

WNSWLHD: Concerns over salary packaging by Maxxia

SLHD: Changes to Population Health

ACT Health – 96% of Support Services vote ‘Yes’ to taking industrial action

HNELHD: Patient Services & Centralised Revenue Unit Redesign

HealthShare Corporate ICT Transition to ICT

Prince of Wales Private Hospital: Organisational Changes

Anglican Care Hours

Opal Aged Care Major Workplace Change

WWCC vote results and next steps

HealthShare PTOs no longer required to clean vehicle after transporting infectious patients

St Vincent’s Public Hospital – Privacy Concerns

Laverty Enterprise Agreement Survey

Justice Health: Recommendations, Corporate Operations Unit

Support Services Protected Action Ballot Update

Feedback needed: Draft Strategic Framework & Workforce Plan Mental Health

MNCLHD: Review of Aboriginal Health management

Outsourcing: Christadelphian Aged Care

HSU win at Mater Private Hospital re Food Services Carts

Newly acquired Healthe Care sites: Update for members

TCH: Game Back On

Vaccinations in the workplace

Forensic Hospital CCTV Proposal

Australian Unity Enterprise Agreement Negotiations

Government formalises provisional offer

Royal North Shore Hospital: Draft PD Support Services Officer for Consultation

TCH says Yes (to the wrong deal)

Warrigal Agreement Approved By Fair Work Commission

Fresh Hope Uniform Change

Support Services Industrial Action Vote 8 & 12 June 2018

New portable radio reception issues

The Orchards: Are you represented in the negotiations?

MNCLHD Hastings Macleay Network: Finance Department Restructure

Time to get negotiations back on track!

Government attempts to break WWCC impasse with interesting ‘provisional’ offer

NBMLHD: Proposed restructure Workforce People & Culture

St Vincent’s Public Hospital Sydney: Emergency Department Redevelopment

Proposed changes, HNELHD Patient Services & Centralised Revenue (CRU)

Unconfirmed minutes USCC & AJCC, WNSWLHD

Time to Change the Rules: Bomaderry Meeting

Fresh Hope Major Workplace Change

The Orchards Aged Care: We will be bargaining!

North Coast Radiology Enterprise Agreement

Non-payment of laundry allowances

Know Your Rights: Workplace Change

Healthcare Imaging Enterprise Agreement

Opal Aged Care Influenza Vaccination Program

Will you accept this unfair wage offer?

St Vincent’s Public Hospital Sydney: Voluntary Redundancies and Workloads

NSW Health Pathology: FASS IDAU Restructure

ACT EBA Update: Infrastructure EBA

Hammondcare Public Holiday Form: Get HSU advice before signing

Norco win: HSU members show their collective strength!

ACT EBA Update: Technical and Professional Agreement

ACT EBA Update: Administration EBA

FWC makes protected action ballot order

Calvary Public Hospital: Rostering Resolution for Wardspersons

Call for expressions of interest – Hospital Scientist Credentials Committee

HealthShare PTOs: Always say no to emergency department jobs

HSU prepares to take action at acquired Healthe Care sites

Anglicare – Dudley Foord House Proposed Roster Changes

The Tweed Hospital Holding Works Update

WWCC boycott turns personal – and it’s still on

Reconfiguration of Mona Vale Hospital

Proposed change to Medical Imaging, WWBH

Disturbance allowance arbitration

Union win: Catholic Healthcare finally agrees to bargain!

HSU dragging Catholic Healthcare to the bargaining table

It is never OK to be assaulted

Healthscope Enterprise Agreement Approved!

ACT Health EBA Update

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney – Organisational Changes

ACT Health opposes industrial action ballot for Support Services members

Justice Health: Model of Care, Freshwater Unit

IRT EBA Update

Allity Offer Update

Smokers vs. Centrelink

Uniform and Laundry Allowance

Interim structure – MNCLHD Workforce Operations

HammondCare SDC Breaks Update

Have your say in your next Enterprise Agreement [Bulgarr Ngaru Aboriginal Medical Service]

Have your say in your next Enterprise Agreement [Apunipima Cape York Health Council]

Have your say in your next Enterprise Agreement [Wuchopperen Aboriginal Medical Service]

Have your say in your next Enterprise Agreement [Macquarie University Hospital]

Have your say in your next Enterprise Agreement [Calvary Bruce]

Have your say in your next Enterprise Agreement [Calvary Riverina]

NSWA shows little trust in the most trusted profession

St Basil’s – When will your negotiations begin?

Your next pay increase? Who knows!

HammondCare SDC Breaks Update

Canterbury Hospital cafeteria privatisation proposal

St Vincent’s Health Network Sydney: Centralisation of Wardspersons

What do you think of your latest offer?

Uniting New Model of Care Update

HarbisonCare directive re influenza vaccination

MNCLHD Proposed Restructure, Clinical Governance & Information Services

Game Over, TCH

Western NSW LHD: Draft Time in Lieu Procedure

Tulich Enterprise Agreements to go to the vote

UCH: Leave Proposal

MNCLHD ComPacks Service – Notification of Restructure

VOTE NOW – Time is running out

WSLHD: Proposed Restructure Finance Directorate

St Basil’s: Have you had your say?

Strong wins for union members

Proposed Public Holiday

SCHN Restructure

Vale Neale Flynn

Cynical Ambulace Executive introduce random Drug and Alchohol Testing

AWH Joint Industrial Consultative Committee Minutes

West Gosford HealthShare PTOs take safety related action

John Hunter Hospital MobiDoc Issue Update

Unconfirmed minutes AJCC FWLHD

SWSLHD External Review of Security

Response to correspondence from PMBH 20 April 2018

Tulich Uniforms Win

IRT Political Spin Don’t fall for it

eHealth NSW Changes to Customer Services

St Basil’s Enterprise Agreement Negotiations

Healthscope Enterprise Agreement Update

Armidale Hospital HealthShare Shift Changes

ACT Health Enterprise Agreement Members vote to take industrial action