HSU Queensland Branch

The Health Services Union represents thousands of health, aged care, and disability workers across Australia making us one of the strongest health unions in the country. We are a growing member based union that is committed to advancing and protecting the wages, conditions, rights and entitlements of workers, as well as to provide our members with vital insurance and protection at work.

Who can join

HSU QLD Branch represents members that work in the following services:

•    Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health
•    Private Hospitals
•    Residential Aged Care
•    Disability
•    Private and not-for-profit community health, including allied health.
•    Private clinics, including allied health.
•    Medicare Local, soon to become the Primary Health Care networks.

Contact us if you are not sure if you can join the HSU Queensland Branch.

Tel: 1300 478 679
Fax: 1300 329 478
Email: info@hsu.asn.au

Member Benefits

As a HSU member you are part of an organisation of over 35,000 members that is focused solely on improving the rights and conditions of its members. HSU members work together to confront problems at work and to help each other get ahead. Across the country the HSU:

  • Provides job protection through the strength of a national union,
  • Represents members or groups of members in the Fair Work Commission (FWC)
  • Assists in negotiating Enterprise Agreements and other Workplace Agreements
  • Assists in negotiation with employers on entitlements
  • Represents its members in disputes with employers
  • Represents its members who have a Workers Compensation Claim
  • Protects its members in cases of workplace restructures, downsizing or re-classifications.
  • Provides work health and safety guidance and support.

The Queensland Branch continues to grow and to introduce new additional benefits for members. Including:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance providing a $20,000,000 liability cover. Click this link for more information:
  • Access to the HSU Member Service Division (MSD) to provide you with telephone assistance and support between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. The MSD is contactable on Phone: 1300 478 679.The MSD can help with issues such as harassment, workplace grievances, roster or leave problems, pay errors, and stress related illness. If disciplinary allegations arise you can count on the HSU for advice, assistance and professional representation. For more information, click this link:

To receive the full assistance, cover and support, you need to be a financial member of the Union before an issue arises. Join today to ensure that you are covered!

QLD union fees

HSU Queensland Branch Fees are only $11.10 per week.

Don’t forget, union fees are tax deductible as a work-related deduction on your tax return.

The union offers a range of payment options. Members can pay their fees using:

  • Direct debit – the payment is taken fortnightly from the designated savings or cheque account;
  • Statement payment – members using this option receive a quarterly statement from the union and can pay their fees by cheque, money order, credit card or BPay;
  • Phone – members can call 1300 478 679 and pay with their credit card over the phone.
Pre-GST GST Annual Fee
Annual $524.73 $52.47
½ Yearly

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