Indemnity Insurance Policy

HSU’s Professional Indemnity Insurance policy covers HSU NSW members whilst acting as employees for circumstances giving rise to liability at law for compensation and claimants costs and expenses, arising from any claim or claims first made against a HSU NSW member and notified to our insurer during the period of insurance, resulting from any actual or alleged breach of duty by a HSU NSW member in connection with their employment, where the HSU NSW member’s employer:

1. Is not lawfully required or lawfully permitted to indemnify the HSU NSW member and nor does the employer’s insurer indemnify the HSU NSW member (ie: you are without employer insurance coverage) or

2. Is lawfully required or permitted to indemnify the HSU NSW member but is unable to do so, because it is in Insolvent administration and does not have a valid insurance policy in place that will indemnify the HSU NSW member.

Part-time – self-employed private practice work up to $100,000 pa included
HSU NSW members who also perform part-time private practice work in addition to their usual employment are also automatically insured for professional indemnity insurance provided that the member’s additional income earned from such work does not exceed $100,000 per annum in any one financial year and such work is of a similar nature to their usual employment.

Not all members can be insured by this policy
HSU NSW’s (safety net) Professional Indemnity Insurance policy covers the vast majority of HSU NSW members’ occupations however we are precluded at law to provide any coverage for medical practitioners. Some examples of occupations deemed to fall within this category are:

  • Anaesthesia Registrar
  • Dental Officers
  • Dental Specialists
  • Dental Surgeons
  • Dentists
  • Interns
  • Medical Officers

Members requiring coverage for these occupations can do so via their own professional associations.


HSU NSW members who are ordinarily deemed to be employees though employed as contractors are covered by the HSU NSW’s (safety net) Professional Indemnity Insurance providing that they are also insured by their employer’s professional indemnity insurance policy:

Claims Reporting

HSU NSW members must report any circumstances which may lead to a potential claim immediately to the union’s insurance broker – as professional indemnity policies are issued on “claims made basis” which stipulates that all known circumstances must be reported to the insurer during the policy period. Failure to do so may lead to your claim being denied.

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