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Your union fees go towards paying for services which you cannot get elsewhere.

  • You will be protected travelling to and from work each day with the union’s Journey Insurance.
  • Statistics show that the pay and conditions of union members in Australia are, on average, better than non-members.
  • Secure the conditions of employment you are entitled to.
  • You will get access to legal services and expert industrial advice when you need them.
  • You will get the support of your colleagues through collective action.
  • On top of that, it is great to be part of something bigger than ourselves. The union gives you the chance to help others while helping yourself.
  • You will be stronger in the workplace when you get your work colleagues to join the union.
  • When your job security is being threatened, the union is there to protect you.

To see what else the Union can bring you, see Member Benefits.

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