Union Committee

Your Union Committee is made up of the President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer and five ordinary members of the Committee. The role of the Union Committee is to manage the month to month business of the Union.

What is the role of the Union Committee?

The Union Committee is the committee of management of the union. The Union Committee has the power to:

  • transact all the business of the union;
  • supervise and pay all lawful debts of the union;
  • direct the Secretary and Assistant Secretary-Treasurer in the performance of their duties;
  • appoint the union auditor;
  • take any action that in its opinion is in the interests of the union.
Mark Sterrey Lynn Russell
Mark Sterrey
Gerard Hayes
Lynne Russell
Assistant Secretary
unin-council13 Steve Fraser thumb-img
Lindy Twyford
Senior Vice President
Steven Fraser
Junior Vice President
Kim Hadson
Committee member
thumb-img a thumb-img
Steven Oakman
Committee member
Alan Wilcock
Committee member
Thelma Thames
Committee member
Melissa Todhunter
Committee member

Your Union Committee is making sure that your money is well spent on services and benefits for you.


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