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Bullying – Take a Stand to Stop it

The HSU is launching a new initiative to combat workplace bullying through an education and awareness campaign that encourages members and managers to work together to stamp it out.

As part of the campaign managers are being urged to sign a commitment pledge to treat all HSU members with dignity and respect and put it on the noticeboard in their workplace for all to see.

At a BBQ at RPA Hospital last week Secretary Gerard Hayes and Assistant Secretary Andrew Lillicrap signed the commitment and encouraged all those in a position of authority to do the same.

“HSU members are an integral part of the health workforce and we are asking that every staff member be valued and treated with the respect they deserve”, Secretary Gerard Hayes says.

“The NSW Ministry of Health has a policy of zero tolerance of any form of bullying or harassment within NSW Health facilities and we believe more can be done to educate staff and reduce this behaviour.”

The campaign aims to educate members about what actually constitutes bullying, what members should do if they are being bullied, how to make a claim against the culprit(s) and promoting conflict resolution to try and resolve issues before they get too big.

Campaign material and training guides are being prepared and will be rolled out over the coming months. In the meantime spread the word and encourage your superiors to sign the commitment against bullying and take a stand to stop it.

Know Workplace Bullying Committment Form

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