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If you get injured at work

Your Health & Safety Rights at Work – Worth Fighting For!! 

If you are injured at work, you may need to make a workers’ compensation claim. As a HSU member, you can receive legal advice about this. Click here for more information.

If there is an accident or injury at work, report it to your Work Health and Safety Officer at your workplace. Inform your sub branch representative and contact the union. By reporting incidents and accidents, it helps prevent them happening again. Everyone has a responsibility for safety in the workplace.

You have a right to a safe working environment and a right to refuse unsafe work. If you are not sure, report it to your sub branch representative, to your supervisor, to the union and to the safety officer at your workplace.

If you are injured travelling to or from work, the HSU has you covered with the HSU Journey Insurance policy. Click here for more information.

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Your health and safety rights at work worth fighting for

Here are some useful resources to become better informed about safety in the workplace.

Everyone has a responsibility to keep workplaces safe.