Let's Get It Fixed

Our Public Health Awards system is broken.

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Our Public Health Awards are broken and outdated.

Wages and conditions don't match the work that health workers do every day, and the system is stacked against us.

We need a complete overhaul to get the system working for health workers and for the community.

Our demands

What kind of changes do we need to see in the Awards?

Negotiate fair wages

  • To enable pay increases that reflect the value of the work that health workers do, and help to attract and retain staff
  • To enable workers to put forward claims for improvements and changes to conditions that can be freely considered by the Industrial Relations Commission
  • Ensure wage progression (e.g. through bands, increments and grades) is clearly defined and the process is transparent
  • End the deduction of 50% of staff salary packaging savings

Modernised classification structures

  • Modernise and improve awards so they accurately reflect the duties, skill, underpinning knowledge and experience of all classifications, both now and into the future
  • To reflect modern training and professional standards
  • To facilitate career progression
  • To recognise skills and responsibilities

Improve allowances

  • Make sure that allowances fairly reflect the kinds of tasks being performed across classifications
  • Update and modernise allowances to reflect the nature of today's work

Promote a safe workplace

  • Ensure reasonable workloads by having unfilled vacancies filled promptly
  • Increase staffing levels in line with increases to population and demand
  • Address concerns about excessive workloads
  • Ensure leave is backfilled to maintain safe staffing levels
  • Awards that promote safe workplaces through safe staffing levels, modern practices and amenities, and anti-bullying policies

Promote permanent and secure employment

  • Encourage permanent employment and reduce temporary contracts
  • Make it easier for part timers to increase their hours
  • Make sure the contracted hours of part times reflect their actual hours of work
  • Reduce casual employment and make it easier for casuals to gain permanency
  • Stop the privatisation and outsourcing of all services
  • Return previously outsourced and privatised services to public hands
  • Strengthen consultation provisions to ensure health workers have a greater say in changes at their workplace
  • Allow for appeals to decisions, consistent with all NSW Public Health Awards

Ensure conditions of employment meet minimum industry standards

  • Incorporate paid pandemic leave policies within the Awards
  • Ensure break between shifts increases to the 10 hour minimum that is the norm across public and private sectors
  • Ensure other forms of leave are updated to reflect public sector standards

Ensure effective and sustainable delivery of services for Regional, Rural and Remote NSW

  • Attraction and retention provisions for rural and remote health delivery, especially in critical Allied Health fields

Provisions to support Working From Home arrangements, where appropriate

  • Enabling flexibility and promoting fairness and support for employees working from home
  • Ensuring safe work practices at home

Improved Staff Amenities

  • To ensure the safety and comfort of workers
  • To reflect and support the modern and diverse workplace and facilitate inclusion and participation


I agree with the demands and I want to fix the Awards.

HSU member