Current Action for NSW Ambulance ADHSU Members

The below actions are no longer endorsed due to the pay agreement reached with government on 13 December 2023.

All registered paramedics

Inspector and below – boycott re-registration this year. FAQ here. Previous newsletter here. Pledge to boycott here.

For participating ambulance coverage areas – wear a red t-shirt in place of your paramedic shirt/top. Continue to use your safety vest as normal. Carry an overshirt in case it's needed.

Current daily actions

Members on road

Make sure that you voice on the radio that you are participating in the action

  1. eMR use encouraged however no KPIs are to be reported (explainer here) – if prefer to use PHCR then no KPIs are to be reported (sample PHCR here) Debtor address should be Chris Minns’ office address: Suite 1/22-24 Regent St, Kogarah NSW 2217
    *NB for amb billing details only. Patients are to be clerked into the hospital system under their known address
  2. No hitting off stretcher (however if control want to know how long to clear for an urgent job then you should tell them – that is, there needs to be an urgent job attached to the request). 

Members in Control

  • Voice support for HSU action at the start of each shift – this is ongoing (see scripts in campaign resources page)

Ongoing (indefinite) industrial action

Members in Education

  • Education members will continue to defer teaching upskilling components of MCPD and Inservice, as continuing to take on more skills without recognition cannot continue.

Ongoing continuous (indefinite) protest action – non industrial action

Members on Road

  • No P5s: all patients are to be transported to hospital. This one is not industrial action because NSW paramedics are not getting paid for the required medical reasoning to safely P5 a patient.
  • Chalking continues (there is no requirement to clean the chalk off at the end of the shift)

Registered Paramedic members

  • Proudly wear your yellow ADHSU shield

Members completing MCPD, Inservice, or online skills upgrades - the below are banned:

  • Decompression of Tension Pneumothorax
  • Corpuls - members will continue to use the current LifePak 15 to ensure patient safety
  • PEEP
  • CPAP
  • Preceptorship
  • Capnography
  • End tidal CO2
  • Fentanyl IV preparation upgrade
  • Any Janison modules associated with the above learning

DOM Members

  • ADHSU DOMs have agreed to liquid chalk their vehicles and support on-road paramedics in continuing their chalk campaign

All paramedic members

  • No participation in the PDP process (it’s a bit rude to use the word ‘professional’ until professional pay flows)

(Updated 1056 - 14/12/23)