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As a current member, you can earn $20 for each new member you encourage to join the HSU. Simply get a workmate to fill out the membership form and put your name and membership number at the bottom of that form. Once the new member has paid three months membership fees, you will receive a $20 bonus. Alternatively you can receive a $20 card to be used at Coles or Woolworths. The more members you join up, the more you can earn.

You can virtually pay for your yearly membership fees by signing up just one new member each fortnight.

Journey Insurance

  • journey insurance

    Journey Insurance to protect you on your way to and from work.

Member Rewards and shopping discounts

  • By being a HSU member, you get access to discounts and special offers at major retailers including Coles, Woolworths, Caltex, FlightCentre and Westfield.

Free legal Will

  • Free Legal Will – through the union’s solicitors, you can receive a legal will free of charge.

Legal Advice

  • Free initial legal advice is available to all HSU members on any private matter. Further legal assistance is available at discount rates to members of the HSU.

Workers’ Compensation

  • If you are injured at work, the union can provide you with advice and support.

Bereavement benefit

  • Bereavement Benefit

    The family of a HSU member who dies will receive $10,000 that can be used for funeral expenses, outstanding bills, credit card debts or anything else.

Book voucher

  • Book Voucher

    If you or a dependent child is studying, you can apply for an Education Incentive Scholarship to help you purchase textbooks or other study tools.

Indemnity Insurance

  • Indemnity Insure

    Professional Indemnity Insurance is automatically provided at no extra cost to all financial members of HSU.

Jervis Bay Holiday Cabins

  • Jervis Bay

    Our holiday cabins are located at Jervis Bay. Come and enjoy the beauty of the rainforest close to the surf beaches of the south coast.

Industrial Support and advice

  • commission

    You join the HSU to protect your job and to receive industrial support when you need it.

If you are not already a HSU member, you can access these benefits by
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