NSW hospital cleaners lack of PPE due to ‘arrogance of management’

Sky News, 16 July 2021

The Health Services Union NSW’s Gerard Hayes says cleaners at Westmead Hospital not having sufficient personal protective equipment to enter a COVID-19 ward was a result of “complacency” and the “arrogance” of management.

Mr Hayes said the matter was a “general oversight” which “could’ve been worked out a lot easier”.

“The reality is, listening to cleaners, who are a very important part of the health workforce, needs to be done and sometimes I think that oversight is there and that’s what’s led to this situation,” he told Sky News.

He said he hopes in the future, there can be confidence brought into the workforce to ensure “people can come together well”.

“Hopefully going forward, health workforce will work as a collective, not as a segregated workforce.”