Security barred from mental health ward after five violent injuries

Ray Hadley show, 2GB, 7 July 2021

Union security officers have been banned from entering the Nepean Hospital mental health unit following a string of serious injuries in a matter of days. 

The Health Services Union placed the indefinite ban with the exception of code black emergencies, demanding at least three additional full-time security officers are placed in the unit.

This comes as the ward’s security staff was reduced from two to one on July 1.

In the space of six days, beginning June 30, five HSU security officers suffered injuries from fractured ribs to shattered teeth while dealing with mental health patients.

“They’re all on workers’ comp now,” HSU Secretary Gerard Hayes told Ray Hadley.
“The less people you have, the more injuries you promote.

“We’ve discussed this over and over again – there’s still no movement.

“In the latest budget, there was money put into the budget, but no real outcomes to that.”