Another Hit... Deletion of Vacant Positions at St Vincent's Hospital

The HSU has received a number of calls from allied health members at St Vincent's Hospital expressing concerns that several vacant positions may be deleted. 

HSU representatives immediately sought clarification on this matter from your employer. 
We have received a commitment to be provided with the clarified recruitment plans. If the deletion of vacancies is planned, consultation with the HSU about the impact of this decision will follow.  

It is yet unknown if other classifications and positions are similarly affected. We will pass on this information as soon as it is available. 

The HSU is aware that the Ministry of Health is intent upon making ongoing savings to compensate for revenue losses and increased expenditure resulting from the impact of COVID-19 on the NSW budget deficit.

The annual wage increase for health workers and other public sector workers was reduced this year from 2.5% to 0.3%. The Government chose to ignore expert advice to Treasury that the recession would deepen if public servants did not receive the 2.5% wage increase. While we are told that the recession is technically over, that's little comfort to hardworking health workers and the families who depend on them.

Our health system cannot afford more cuts – especially if this translates into unfilled vacancies or worse, the deletion of positions.

You may have been holding out for months to have these positions filled. It shouldn't be this way. You cannot be expected to continue to fill the gaps, at the expense of your own wellbeing and professional standards.

Short staffing can have very serious impacts, including:

  1. Taking on additional duties to compensate for a loss of staff.
  2. The pressure of increased workloads to meet service requirements.
  3. You or your colleagues' workplace health and safety.
  4. The safety and quality of the service you provide being compromised, with increased risk of errors, for which you can be held accountable.
  5. Standards of professional practice and service provision are at risk, for which you can be held accountable.

If you are concerned about these issues, please contact your HSU Organiser Denise O’Shaughnessy via email [E-Mail not displayed] or phone HSU Member Services on 1300 478 679 so the impact of vacancies can be discussed and a successful resolution reached with your employer.

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Together, we can continue to protect safety and fairness at work and improve your working life.