Big win for HealthShare members

Following HSU representation with HealthShare over many months, your HSU representatives have secured a major win on insecure employment.

HealthShare have agreed to a process to offer all eligible casual and temporary staff across Food, Patient Support and Linen areas permanent employment. Please note that ‘eligible’ refers to meeting the relevant criteria in the Award.

This process will be commencing this week and will continue over the coming months.

In addition – and a first for the sector – they have also agreed that permanent part time staff who have been working additional hours, and where the hours have been deemed ‘vacant’, will be offered increases in their permanent contracts consistent with the average hours they have been working.

This is a major development in the fight for permanent employment in Public Health. Some worksites in Public Health have been employing up to 30% of staff in insecure forms of employment.

Insecure employment is not just an issue for the individual but can also have a negative impact on families and work colleagues.

As with any processes of this kind, we expect that HSU members will still need further representation throughout the process.

Members may have concerns that they have not been offered permanency when they should have or may have concerns that they have not been offered sufficient permanent hours.

Your Union, the HSU, stands ready to represent members with concerns. Members are encouraged to email concerns to [E-Mail not displayed].

This agreement is also a testament to the senior management of HealthShare. It shows real leadership on how to address big, complex issues in a collaborative and constructive way with the HSU.

We certainly hope that many more employers in the sector take note of this agreement and start working with the HSU to reduce insecure employment and improve the lives of their workers.

Out of this process, it is expected that hundreds of workers will be offered permanent employment, many prior to Christmas.

This will give many people the opportunity to feel secure in the knowledge they can provide for their family.

We can only secure big wins like this with the active involvement of HSU members.

Many of workers involved in this process may be new employees, many may not yet be HSU members.

We encourage all HSU members to talk to your casual/temporary/part time workmates. Tell them about this win and what can be achieved when we work together as HSU members.

Encourage them to join today online at or by phone 1300 478 679.