Calvary Bruce Enterprise Agreement Update

The HSU wrote to Calvary Bruce in January 2021, seeking to commence negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement. Despite being informed that Calvary Bruce was not quite in a position to start bargaining for a new Agreement, the HSU began the process of finding out what members want from these upcoming negotiations. 

Recently, the HSU surveyed all members at Calvary Bruce Private Hospital regarding what changes you would like to see in the upcoming Enterprise Agreement negotiations. This survey has formed the basis of the HSU’s log of claims, which are:

  • 4% increase to pay and allowances.
  • Paid pandemic leave, including for casual employees.
  • The ability to access long service leave after 5 years.
  • The introduction of an infectious cleaning allowance.
  • Paid domestic violence leave. 

Once the HSU has provided Calvary Bruce with our log of claims, we will request to meet with management as a matter of priority. If Calvary Bruce still refuses to meet, then the HSU will likely seek the assistance of the Fair Work Commission in forcing Calvary Bruce to meet their obligations under the current Enterprise Agreement – namely, that they must commence bargaining no later than six months prior to the nominal expiry date of the Agreement.

If you have any questions concerning the Enterprise Agreement negotiations or would like to get more involved in the process, please send an email to [E-Mail not displayed] and we will be in touch.

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