Calvary Riverina Van Update

Following ongoing meetings scheduled to discuss concerns around the Calvary Riverina Van, the outcomes are below.

The task of the driving the van will be subjected to a three-month trial due to commence on Monday 24 October through to the end of January 2022. During the trial, there will be opportunities at regular intervals every second week to discuss any matters that arise. While the trial is in place, your employer will enhance the staffing within CSSD each day. Your union has requested that this be offered to current employees within Calvary Riverina in the first instance.

You can find responses to questions below:

Fuelling of the vehicle: There is a fuel card located in the van, upon the vehicle requiring refuelling the staff member driving the van is required to attend to this duty. 

Service and Maintenance: When the vehicle needs to be serviced, the employer will endeavour to have this completed in the low activity period and possibly over the weekend. While the vehicle is being serviced, if there is a need to collect items from day surgery, another vehicle will be utilised and made available to CSSD staff. 

Sick Leave: If there is a staffing shortfall due to sick leave, additional staff will be called in to cover. Should no one be available to assist, the employer will adjust the workflow and allocations on a day-to-day basis to ensure workload matters are addressed appropriately. 

Your union will continue to monitor the trial within the department and will hold regular member meetings to discuss any concerns that need escalation.

If you have comments or feedback, please email [E-Mail not displayed] with subject line Calvary Riverina Van Issues.

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