Can you lead and represent HSU members' interests?

As many will know, the HSU is a key stakeholder in your workplace, regularly representing and fighting for members' workplace rights, job security, career progression and a fair and respectful workplace culture. Genuine consultation by both parties can result in positive change. Your participation is key in achieving that.

The HSU invites an expression of interest to participate in:

  1. Quarterly Mental Health Drug and Alcohol MHD&A Staff Consultative Committee (SCC)
  2. Quarterly Staff Consultative Committees at Mona Vale, Hornsby, RNSH, Ryde and Macquarie Hospitals.

The NSW Health Industrial Consultative Arrangements Policy Directive outlines the purpose and expectations of these mandated processes. You can read it here.

Regular consultation occurs between management and all unions throughout NSLHD and more broadly, NSW Public Hospitals and Community Services. The HSU is represented at various consultative meetings by delegates, alongside union officials. Consultation with management is a vital process in ensuring our members' voices are heard, recognised, respected and acted upon. The exchange of information between your employer and union and resolution of workplace issues, raised by members, can result from such consultation.  Problems can be addressed early when this consultative arrangement is properly utilised.  

This is your opportunity to have a voice and have members' issues appropriately addressed by management, with the oversight, reinforcement, strength and advocacy of the HSU.

If you have an interest in industrial issues, think you can make a difference at your workplace by identifying members' workplace issues and raising them with management, acting as a conduit for members and working more closely with your HSU Organiser, please contact Denise O'Shaughnessy via email [E-Mail not displayed] by Friday 5th March 2021.

Positive change comes with strong union membership in the workplace. If you know someone who hasn’t yet joined the HSU, encourage them to take the plunge today at or call 1300 478 679.