Cardiac Technologists, Cardiac Technicians, Cardiac Sonographers: 2nd Statewide Meeting

You are invited to attend the second statewide zoom meeting of your classifications. This meeting will follow up on the 8 September inaugural meeting.

If you have any local issues, related to staffing, recruitment, retention and training, or encroachment on your scope of practice, please bring those to the meeting so that they can be addressed by your local Organiser.

The Union will be strongly campaigning for modernising the Awards and the removal of the public sector wages cap next year in the lead up to the next State election. Your activism, alongside other members, will be a powerful influence.

Date: Wednesday 10 November 
Time: 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Please use the link below to register in advance for this meeting:

Please encourage non-members to attend the meeting. If they are not already HSU members, they need to join now. They can join online at