Carrington Care EA offer going out to vote

Following several months of negotiation, Carrington Care is taking a proposed new enterprise agreement out to staff to vote on.

At this link is a copy of the proposed enterprise agreement and reference document here.

This is an important decision and we encourage all HSU members to read the proposed agreement carefully and have a say in the vote.

The HSU will provide more detailed analysis on the offer next week and HSU Bargaining Officer Chris Friend will be on site next Monday 9 November from 11am – 3pm in the Flinders Room to answer any questions you may have.

Offer to NSW Award covered staff

Carrington has now made individual offers to each staff member covered by a NSW State Award.

The HSU has negotiated an extension for members to consider those offers and members now have until 5pm Wednesday 11 November to accept the offer.

If any members would like to discuss their individual offer, you are invited to meet with HSU Bargaining Officer Chris Friend next Monday 9 November between 11am – 3pm in the Flinders Room. Alternatively, you can email Chris at [E-Mail not displayed] if you have any questions.

Next steps

The enterprise agreement is out for your consideration until 4pm next Friday Nov 13.

Voting on the agreement will open at 9am Mon Nov 16 and will close 4pm Friday 20 November.

If a majority vote ‘yes’ to accept the offer, the agreement will be made and will be sent to the Fair Work Commission for approval.

If a majority vote ‘no’, we will go back to the bargaining table and continue to represent HSU members.

This is your enterprise agreement and we encourage all HSU members to have a say in the voting process.