CCLHD: PSA transfers without a nurse escort

Last year the HSU became aware of a trial operating out of Gosford ED involving PSAs completing transfers to SSU, G3 and H3 without a nurse escort while patients were receiving oxygen and/or IV treatment. The oxygen was two litres or less and only saline was running through the lines. As the employer had not entered into genuine consultation regarding this change, the HSU placed it into dispute and a disputes committee was held in November last year. You can read the minutes of the committee at this link.

Your union recently attended a meeting which we believed to be for the purposes of discussing guidelines for an additional trial out of the Gosford ED with HSU involvement.

However, we were informed that the LHD was looking at district-wide implementation across both Gosford and Wyong sites involving the entire hospitals. We promptly ended the discussions to seek further feedback from members. We have put forward the following key points for transfers from ED to SSU, G3 and H3:

  1. Transfers are limited only to the three areas outlined above.
  2. No other department or IPU is to ‘piggyback’ on this. If this occurs, we’ll withdraw participation.
  3. PSA transfers are on a volunteer basis only. If PSAs decline a transfer no further discussion is required.
  4. No patient under 18 years of age, regardless of condition or diagnosis.
  5. Handovers to be completed prior to the PSA commencing transfer. No PSA to do handovers or relay messages.
  6. The HSU will withdraw participation if PSAs are pressured to participate.

The above are non-negotiable.

The LHD has accepted these conditions and have notified us in writing.

We are now seeking further feedback from members. Please send your feedback to your HSU organiser Matt Ramsay at [E-Mail not displayed] with the subject line PSA Transfers by close of business Wednesday 3 August. Matt has also scheduled meetings for all PSA members to attend:

Gosford Hospital
Date: Wednesday 27 July
Time: 2pm
Location: Auditorium Level 2 

Wyong Hospital
Monday 1 August
Time: 2pm
Location to be confirmed 

It’s very important that PSA members attend these meetings and get involved in discussions about the proposal. Your voice will inform the position we take moving forward.