COVID survey: How are you travelling?

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Once again, we find a large part of NSW’s population dealing with an outbreak that at this point is not looking like it’s going away any time soon.

Everyone in Health is doing it tough. Those working in and around red zones (currently Greater Metropolitan Sydney) are in crisis mode. Control Centre Officers are spending whole shifts with depleted resources, on road paramedics are being exposed to the Delta variant, restrictive PPE, constant updated and changing messaging from management, staffing shortages, all on top of members’ already stressful shifts with no breaks, end of shift overtime, and hospital delays.

As this wave of the pandemic continues, it will take a toll on members and their family’s mental health. Increased work pressures, restrictions on days off, distance from family and friends are all tough, so it’s time to take the opportunity to ask you how things are going, and how supported you are currently feeling in the workplace.

We are proud to be a union where members not only fight side by side each other for pay justice, but also look after each other in tough times, so it’s important to ask the question: How are you? What support can the HSU provide?

For those of you struggling who may feel hesitant to use the workplace provided mental health services, HSU members have the additional support option of Foundo Blue, connected to Foundation House. Foundo Blue supports Mental Health wellness and Suicide Prevention and is a safe and confidential service. The dedicated HSU member number to call is 9555 8361. Other numbers and information can be found here and here.

Please take some time to fill out the attached survey and let us know how you are, and what the union can do to ensure you get the support you need.

Survey here: