Cumberland: Boronia Unit Update and Members' Meeting

As previously communicated to members, the HSU recently wrote to the Mental Health Service Executive regarding a number of Work, Health and Safety concerns around the new Boronia Unit, due to commence operations on the 3rd of December.

We’ve now received a reply to these concerns, as well as a copy of the updated moving timetable.

To say we are disappointed in this reply is an understatement. This reply fails to provide a detailed response about how the Western Sydney Mental Health Service will address our concerns. It is a requirement under the WHS Act for the employer to take steps to reduce or eradicate identified risks. 

With only 3 weeks left to opening day, a number of issues remain to be addressed. Without management giving a detailed and genuine response, we can’t be certain of staff safety.

We believe this reply not only fails to supply answers, but dismisses our concerns out of hand.

We understand Western Sydney LHD are attempting to arrange one further meeting tomorrow afternoon in an effort to try and resolve this matter, which your HSU delegates and representatives will attend in good faith.

To make sure members have up to date information, and to seek your input on the next steps, we will hold a members’ meeting as follows:

WHEN: Tuesday 17th November

WHERE: Dr Café

TIME: 12pm

All staff are encouraged to attend. Any staff who are not currently members are welcome to attend and join at the meeting, as the more people we represent the stronger our Union is. You can join at any time at or call 1300 478 679.

For more information, contact your worksite delegates or HSU Organiser Brendan Roberts via email [E-Mail not displayed] or mobile 0425 181 361.