Cumberland Hospital: Introduction of CCTV in Boronia Unit

With the opening of the new Boronia Unit fast approaching on 3 December, the HSU has been provided with advice regarding the introduction of CCTV. The correspondence appears below:

Your HSU delegates and representatives raised some initial concerns yesterday at the Redevelopment Committee meeting, especially with regard to who will be monitoring the CCTV.

In response, management verbally advised there will be 3 locations where the CCTV could be monitored – the nurses’ station, the admin office, and security. However, they also advised that CCTV will not be monitored live at all times and no one particular staff member or group of staff members will be responsible for monitoring CCTV. 

We are disappointed that management declined to put their response in writing when asked by our representatives.

HSU will continue to fight for members’ rights to work in a safe environment.

We are now seeking more feedback from members regarding this matter. Please send any feedback to [E-Mail not displayed] or [E-Mail not displayed].

Being part of the Union means your voices can be heard. The more members we have, the louder our voices when we negotiate on members’ behalf. If any of your colleagues are not yet members, encourage them to join at www.hsu.asn/join or call 1300 478 679.