Finally - action in Aged Care!

After decades of neglect, there is hope in the aged care sector.

Today the new Minister for Aged Care Services Anika Wells has put to the new Federal Parliament legislation which will deliver on a number of key election commitments, including introducing mandated care minutes.

These laws also introduce quality standards that will hold providers to account on staffing levels, food and nutrition, and clinical care.

In her speech, Minister Wells called out HSU members:

“I recently met aged care workers at a roundtable I convened last week with the Health Services Union. We spoke about how hard their work is, how challenging it is.

We also spoke about their sheer bloody-minded determination to do their absolute best for those in their care. Against the odds, within a system crumbling into crisis before a pandemic that made everything hard, even harder.”

Today’s legislation would not have come about if it weren’t for HSU members who never stopped fighting for a better aged care system. Your determination means we now have a government prepared to Change Aged Care.

There is still a lot to do. The pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the sector. Staffing levels are critically low, and the workforce is exhausted. The aged care crisis will only be over when the aged care workforce is valued properly for the work you do.

Today we have seen the first steps, the first piece of real action in years. But we will hold this government to account because I know that HSU members won’t give up until we win.

If you’re interested in becoming more involved in the HSU campaign to Change Aged Care, talk to your local HSU delegate or organiser or email [E-Mail not displayed].