Galambila AMS Bargaining update

  • Published July 18, 2022

Bargaining for your new Galambila AMS Enterprise Agreement is well underway, as members and bargaining representatives continue to meet with management on a weekly basis.

At the last meeting, Galambila provided a response to your Log of Claims to improve the Agreement. Their response is as follows:

  • No issues with a 3-year Agreement;
  • Galambila are currently looking at implementing a fatigue management policy by reviewing the NSW Health policy and requests for members to provide feedback on what they think should be included in the policy (members working dual roles can raise a complaint with management about their fatigues that is dealt on an individual basis);
  • Professional registration fees are included in the applicable hourly rate;
  • Supportive of ensuring the Superannuation Guarantee does not fall below the minimum entitlement, but they need to consider whether can financially sustain 1.5% above the minimum;
  • Supportive of including a term in the Agreement for Partners Leave that reflects the Government benefits and cannot offer any additional entitlement;
  • They are currently reviewing how they can improve flexibility to access existing leave entitlements;
  • Galambila will meet the minimum entitlements under the NES (Casual Conversion);
  • Galambila supports bringing allowances that fall below the Modern Award to at least the minimum;
  • Out of good faith, Galambila will pass on the 4.6% WAGE INCREASE for the first year but wishes to consult with members on what increases look like in the remaining years of the Agreement.

We want to hear from you regarding your feedback on the following requested by Management:

  1. Do you wish to continue with the Professional Registrations fees to included within the relevant hourly rate or to have it removed and paid as an annual payment?
  2. What wage increases are you seeking for year 2 and 3 of the Agreement?

Please provide your feedback to your organiser Michael Kearns on [E-Mail not displayed] or to your bargaining officer Elizabeth Kennett on [E-Mail not displayed].

The next meeting is scheduled tomorrow and bargaining still has a way to go with many issues yet to be agreed on. That means there’s never been a more important time to get involved and to engage with your colleagues.

Our strength in bargaining comes from our strength in the workplace. If you know someone who isn’t an HSU member, pass this email on to let them know what your HSU Bargaining Team is fighting for and invite them to join us. New members can join at or by calling 1300 478 679.