GenesisCare EBA Update

It has been a busy couple of weeks for both the employer and the HSU. As far as setting up an EBA is concerned, both parties have put forward different pros and cons. 

The HSU is aware that a number of members and non-members may not be completely clear on why an EBA is preferable to individual contracts. The HSU has compiled a brief factsheet to help explain why this is the case – please click on this link for the factsheet.

We also wish to notify members that the EBA survey – about what changes to wages and conditions you would like to see – will commence next week. The HSU has arranged a meeting with the employer next Thursday to discuss the EBA.

The HSU’s purpose is to increase Union membership in the sector and to improve wages and conditions in real terms – as demonstrated in the examples given in the link above.

This is not about going against the employer.

This is about improving workers’ lives and making sure they can collectively address issues within the workplace.

The EBA is now at a point where it will inevitably happen. If you have colleagues who are concerned about how the Union represents the workforce, they should join too and get involved in the process.

The Union is not separate to the workers at GenesisCare – your representatives work for members and only at their directions.

If you have any concerns, please contact HSU Organiser Patrick Craven at [E-Mail not displayed].