Grads dispute partially settled

  • Published September 24, 2021
  • Industries

ADHSU delegates have been able to negotiate a partial settlement to the dispute regarding the grad class being forced to stay in a hotel for at least a month during training.

NSWA is contacting all of the grads to let them know that they can elect to stay at home; however, they will be required to participate in increased COVID safety measures (such as rapid antigen testing) before class.

We acknowledge the reason NSWA wants to require grads to stay in a hotel for the whole training course is to keep each other and educators as safe as possible, and that is to be commended.

However, restricting staff movement outside of work hours (and therefore unpaid) is a step too far. The partial settlement is a middle ground where those grads who elect to leave the accommodation during the course can do so, but have to undertake testing.

Delegates have additional concerns regarding this issue and further meetings with the Service will occur early next week.