Harbison EA HSU Fact Sheet 3: Annual Leave and Uniform Allowance

Two key HSU priorities for HSU members are fixing the broken system for annual leave approvals and delivering a fair allowance to compensate staff for the cost of purchasing work clothes.

Harbison has failed to resolve either issue in this agreement.

Fixing annual leave approvals

The HSU proposed two key amendments to make the approval of annual leave requests fairer:

  1. That Harbison will respond to an application for annual leave made by an employee within a reasonable time, but no more than 4 weeks.
  2. To ensure that employees are able to properly plan their holidays, all leave requests for peak periods will be considered at least 6 months prior to the leave request date.

Harbison rejected both of these proposals.

HSU members have been forced to wait months and months to get a response to their annual leave applications and it is just not good enough.

We want a clear and enforceable right in the enterprise agreement – not in Harbison’s policy – to ensure that you get fair access to your annual leave.

Uniform/Work Clothing Allowance

Many aged care organisations provide uniforms to their employees. Those who do not usually pay a uniform allowance, to recognise that staff will generally purchase work specific clothing for their job.

Harbison says that they don’t require staff to wear a uniform, so they do not have to provide work clothes and they do not have to pay a uniform allowance.

We say that this is not fair. Here is what several other providers in the sector pay staff, in recognition of the need to purchase clothes for work.

It’s time to Vote No

Harbison are offering a poor pay deal that is one of the worst in the aged care sector.

Harbison have failed to listen to the important issues that HSU members raised.

It’s time to stand together and call on Harbison to respect HSU members and our concerns.

We encourage all staff to vote ‘No’ to this offer.