HealthShare Allowances Meeting

Dear Member,

As members would be aware, your HSU representatives have been seeking shoe allowance back pay for HealthShare Food Services members at Belmont Hospital.

Instead of just paying this allowance, HealthShare are seeking to oppose the payment, despite hundreds of HealthShare staff doing the same work already receiving it at other locations.

This action potentially puts shoe allowance at risk for all HealthShare staff.

In the current climate, when NSW Health staff find themselves suffering under an attempted wage freeze and the additional work and stress of COVID-19, many HealthShare staff will naturally be feeling quite disappointed in HealthShare senior management for seeking to deny them such a modest amount of compensation.

To discuss this important development and what members would like to do in the event HealthShare does seek to deny allowances for their staff, we encourage all HealthShare members to join us for a Zoom meeting. Details below:

Tuesday 13th of October at 3:30pm

You can participate through this link:

Or by phoning 02 8015 6011 and entering ID number 926 6180 5038.

The meeting will be a good opportunity to discuss with members across HealthShare how members would like to defend their entitlements.

If any of your workmates are not yet HSU members, encourage them to join today online here or phone 1300 478 679. We can only safeguard entitlements with strong union membership.