HealthShare Rostering Practices

HealthShare members may be aware that concerns have been raised about Casual and Contract HealthShare staff being rostered off every 12 weeks.

HSU members have raised this issue, under the belief it is HealthShare practice to do this.

Following representations by your HSU representatives, HealthShare HR have now confirmed in writing that it is not HealthShare’s practice to roster Casual/Contract staff off every 12 weeks.

Therefore, any manager who is rostering staff off every 12 weeks is in breach of HealthShare’s own policy.

If you or any of your workmates are impacted by this issue, please email [E-Mail not displayed].

The practice of rostering Casuals/Contract staff off every 12 weeks is cruel and unreasonable. It is often done in an attempt to prevent staff being entitled to permanent employment.

In fact, this practice does not prevent claims for permanency – but it does have a terrible financial and emotional impact on the staff affected.

Now that this written confirmation has been provided, your union – the HSU – stands ready to enforce this undertaking to stamp this cruel practice out of the industry.

If you or your colleagues believe they have a claim for permanency (e.g. have been Casual for more than 13 weeks and working regular rostered shifts), put forward your claim by emailing [E-Mail not displayed] with copies of your roster/timesheets.

Please be aware we can only represent HSU members about any workplace issue. Encourage your workmates to join online at or phone 1300 478 679.