HealthShare Shoe Allowance Update

This week, members across Food Services commenced protesting HealthShare’s efforts to deny the shoe allowance to Food Services staff.

In a year that’s already seen COVID-19 and attempted Wage Freezes, HealthShare’s effort to take the shoe allowance away from 900 staff – and to deny the entitlement to over 3000 staff – is unreasonable and unethical.

Not only is this action denying hard working NSW Health staff $90 a year, it is also serving to discourage the use of an important safety item.

As you can see, members across the state have been letting HealthShare know what they think of their Shoe Allowance position – it should be given the boot!

Members from broad range of locations have participated in the protests – including Westmead, Blacktown, Bankstown, Queanbeyan, Westmead Children’s, Port Kembla, Campbelltown, Coledale, Moruya, Royal North Shore and others.

Even more locations are protesting next week in the lead up to a meeting with the HealthShare CEO next Thursday 5th November.

Hopefully, HealthShare will have softened its position by then and commit to keeping this allowance for Food Services staff.

If your Hospital is not on the list and you want to stand up for your rights and participate in the Food Services protests, please email [E-Mail not displayed].

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