HSU convinces CHS Management to consult on Food Services ADO Phaseout

Members will recall HSU Newsletter 1290 which was sent on 28 October, outlining CHS Management’s refusal to consult on the phaseout of ADOs within the Food Services department. The HSU lodged an application in the Fair Work Commission about this issue, and management has now agreed to undertake consultation as required. At this link is a preliminary response from HR to questions asked by the HSU, received last Friday 13 November.

CHS has stated that they are committed to providing the following:

  • A consultation letter and supporting information for the HSU and affected employees this week.
  • Several meetings to be arranged with affected employees to discuss the proposed changes. HSU representatives will be invited to these forums.

The next few weeks will be your chance to have a say! If you have any initial feedback with regards to this change, don’t forget to fill out the survey for HSU members OR email Josh Howarth via [E-Mail not displayed]

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