HSU takes Southern IML to the Fair Work Commission

Dear Member,

Today the HSU has filed a formal dispute in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) alleging a serious and systemic breach of your award.

For the last three months, your organiser Roy has been attempting to work with management to fulfill their obligations under the award to deliver rosters to staff two weeks in advance. At this stage, they have failed to make any substantial progress beyond emailing staff their rosters a few days in advance.

Given this lack of progress, the HSU has today decided to take formal action against the company in the Fair Work Commission on behalf of members at Southern IML.

What does this mean?

A dispute in the FWC occurs in two stages. In the first instance, both parties attend a Conciliation at the FWC and argue their case in an attempt to reach agreement. The Union will seek binding orders from the Commissioner to ensure ongoing compliance with the Award. The Commissioner may make a decision at this stage, or may direct that the matter progresses to hearing if it cannot be resolved during Conciliation.

Why is this so important?

Rosters provided in advance allow workers to balance their personal responsibilities against their work responsibilities. They allow a single mother to arrange childcare, a chronically ill worker to arrange medical appointments or a carer to organise alternative arrangements while they are at work. They also allow casual workers enough notice to either switch shifts or provide the company with enough notice (7 days under the Award) to find an alternative worker. Proper rostering, done in advance, allows workers to have a life outside of work.

What will the HSU be arguing for in the FWC?

The HSU will be arguing for Southern IML to fulfill their most basic obligations under the award. These are providing ALL STAFF with a roster TWO WEEKS in advance of the roster period and giving SEVEN DAYS notice of a change in roster.

Of course, the company will still need to ‘ring around’ on occasion to fill vacancies created by staff illness or other absence. But this should not be done for any other reason. All pathology companies covered by your award (Laverty/DHM etc) deliver their rosters in advance, there is no reason that Southern IML cannot do the same.

Be part of the fight for better conditions at Southern IML

The HSU will be keeping members informed of our progress throughout the commission process and will actively enforce members’ rights. HSU members get individual industrial representation and advice in addition to other perks like Personal Indemnity Insurance and Journey Insurance. Most importantly, HSU members are part of a collective movement of pathology workers fighting for the recognition and respect that you deserve.

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