HSU Win at Calvary John James: $61,000 in back pay!

Last year during the first wave of the pandemic, members at Calvary John James Private Hospital employed as wardspersons discovered a problem with their pay. A number of wardspersons were working in theatres for their entire shift but were paid at a grade that did not reflect this work

Per the Calvary John James Agreement 2019, the Patient Services Grade 3 definition is:

Grade 3 (Patient/Support Services/Wardsperson/Storesperson - Certificate IV Level):
A person, who in addition to the duties mentioned at Grade 2, can perform theatre duties and/or possesses Certificate IV level Qualification in the relevant area.

Delegates and activists within Patient Services got together and discovered that many of them had been paid at a lower grade for a number of years. They approached their union organiser with this concern. After initial communications with the company, a formal dispute was lodged with the Fair Work Commission in October.

After many months of meetings, affected staff have now finally been regraded and a total of $61,000 has been back paid to a number of staff who had been paid at the lower grade. This could not have happened without the activists and union delegates on site who kept up the pressure throughout.

Do you think there may be something not right with your pay? Do you know of things that could be improved in your workplace?

Change can only be achieved by workers joining their union and organising for a better and safer workplace. If someone you know is not a member of the HSU, encourage them to join at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.

If you have an issue at work or have any questions, please contact your union organiser Robert Brady on 0448 211 231.

Thank you again to all members who campaigned for this win at Calvary John James!