HSU win! Government announces free parking for health workers

I’m thrilled to be able to announce to members that the NSW Government has agreed to HSU demands, and will now institute free parking for health workers at hospitals and health facilities statewide.

NSW Health has advised that this will take effect next pay cycle.

This comes after the HSU called for this measure to be reinstated, considering the virulence of the current Delta strain of COVID-19. We know that this strain spreads quicker and easier than anything we’ve seen before. No health worker should have to make a decision between exorbitant fees or risking their health in catching public transport to work.

Whatever we can do to protect health workers, we should do.

This is a good day for HSU members, but we can’t lose sight of the end goal. The HSU continues to campaign for free parking for all members – regardless of the circumstances.

I’m very glad the Government has agreed to the HSU’s demands and will no longer place our members in harm’s way. I won’t apologise for putting the needs of HSU members first. Without the vital work you do, our community would be in grave danger.

Thank you again for going to work on the front line, day after day. Your Union will continue to support you.