HSU Win! HealthShare Tamworth Roster Dispute

Recently, the HSU was contacted by HealthShare members at Tamworth Base Hospital to let us know that management were adjusting rosters for some staff in order to stagger start and finish times. Members told us this had happened without any consultation with them – they were just informed there would be a meeting on Thursday 16 September, with the new roster times to start the following Monday 20 September.

Your HSU representatives immediately contacted management for further clarification and informed them that, as there was no consultation with your union, the matter would be placed into dispute.

Today, HealthShare management met with HSU representatives and sub branch members to discuss the matter further. Management claimed the changes were intended to assist social distancing, but your representatives reminded them that consultation is to occur if they propose to change members’ ordinary hours.

Your Union further advised that if a staff member wants to make temporary arrangements with management on a voluntary basis, they are free to do so, but the roster was not to be changed from its current start and finish times.

Thanks to the timely advice from members and intervention from your Union, the HSU is pleased to advise these roster changes will no longer be going ahead. Management has agreed they will look at alternative methods for social distancing, including during mealtimes.

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