Hundreds join Aged Care meeting


Dear Member,

Last night hundreds of aged care workers came together to talk about the challenges you are facing, issues with bargaining and our historic Work Value Case – our Fight for 25.

I want to thank every member who participated. There was so much passion about the work you do and the changes we need to win in aged care.

We had some technical issues that meant some members couldn’t join the meeting. I want to apologise and let you know that we will address these so that next time our meeting will be even bigger.

But we want to build on the momentum of last night straight away. For those of you who are keen to have an online union meeting with your colleagues register here: Your local HSU organiser will be in contact to coordinate this.

Finally – to those members who are COVID positive, to those in isolation, to those of you working during these tough times, I hope you are all safe. If you need any support or advice, please contact our Member Services Division on 1300 478 679 or email