Hunter Corporate Catering Update: Annual Leave and CCTV

Earlier this year, a number of members at Hunter Corporate Catering advised their HSU Organiser of concerns that members annual leave credits were being docked in breach of the Health Employees’ Conditions of Employment (State) Award and the Ministry of Health’s own policies. Members also raised concerns over possible misuse of the CCTV that is installed on site.

Members have been informed in previous newsletters that their concerns were now being brought to the attention of senior HealthShare executives, and that HealthShare would work with the HSU to address these breaches.

Relevant staff who had their annual leave docked were identified and met with senior management and HR. It was then determined that annual leave credits were to be reimbursed to each member.

With reference to CCTV, management also concluded that CCTV footage had been recorded in breach of policy. The decision was taken to remove access by having it monitored off site or by an independent security company.

This Monday 9 November, your HSU Organiser once again attended Hunter Corporate Catering to update members on the above issues.

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