Important survey: have you been trained in dynamic risk assessments?

  • Published October 15, 2021
  • Industries

Survey here

As many members are aware, delegates are currently preparing evidence to support the upcoming ADHSU IRC full bench hearing on the subject of dual paramedic crewing (not including agreed solo operators roles such as ECP).

As a recap, ADHSU is pushing for a Dual Crewing Award that regulates the use of single officers, on a both a patient and paramedic safety basis.

One question we have in gathering evidence is how many on-road paramedics have been trained in ‘Dynamic Risk Assessments’, and how many apply them at each job?

The survey is anonymous and it’s important that as many members as possible responds to it. The survey takes less than one minute to complete.

The hearing is in November and we’ll keep you posted on its progress.

Survey link: