International Pathology Day: Time for recognition

Next week, your union, the HSU, will be recognising the great work of all Pathology Staff on International Pathology Day.

As with all staff in the Health system, Pathology staff provide an essential service to the health of our state.

The COVID-19 pandemic this year has tested Pathology staff to the limit, and they have responded in truly amazing fashion. The vital contribution made by Pathology has never been so clearly demonstrated.

Under huge pressure, and with many workplace changes and disruptions, Pathology staff have safeguarded our state. I believe they deserve the admiration of everybody in NSW.

This coming week is about saying thanks to Pathology staff and highlighting to the public how Pathology staff make such a huge impact in their lives.

This is part of an ongoing HSU strategy to highlight the broadest possible range of jobs and professions in the Health system. We want to educate the public that our health facilities are made up of more than Doctors and Nurses.

As previously outlined, a full list of recognition events will be planned for 2021 to cover the broadest range of HSU-covered roles.

Considering the NSW Government’s attempts to freeze your wages and further reduce the wages cap, it has never been more important to show exactly how valuable health workers are.

We can only demonstrate our worth and make a strong statement when we stand together. Encourage your workmates to join online at or phone 1300 478 679.