Interpreters: Are you being paid travel allowance?

The HSU has been advised that a number of interpreters are being obliged to travel from their normal place of work in order to work at the NSW Health Vaccination Hub at Sydney Olympic Park.  

The Health Employees Conditions of Employment (State) Award 2019 contains a clear entitlement to excess fares and travel. Under Clause 13, if you are directed to travel to somewhere other than your usual workplace, and it takes you longer to get there and/or you incur additional expenses, then you should be compensated for your time and additional costs.

Interpreters working at Sydney Hospital, Prince of Wales, St George, Sutherland, RPA, Concord, and Canterbury appear to be affected by this situation. If you think that you may not be getting paid your entitlements, please contact the HSU Organiser for your area: [E-Mail not displayed] for Prince of Wales and St George, [E-Mail not displayed] for SLHD.

The HSU can only act on behalf of members. If you know someone in your department who isn’t yet an HSU member, tell them to get on board today. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679. We are stronger together.