Introducing your HSU Bargaining Team at RIDBC

Today your HSU Bargaining Team met with RIDBC management and their lawyers to commence negotiations on your new Enterprise Agreement. 

Representing members were: 

Ana Radis - Occupational Therapist/Coordinator 

Anna McMaster Harcourt - Speech Pathologist

Emma Facey - Speech Pathologist

Jacqui Treseder - Centre Based Coordinator/Administration

Katherine Phelan - Speech Pathologist

Karen Atkinson - Speech Pathologist

Kim Ter-Horst - Senior Audiologist

Maree McTaggart - Audiologist

Nick Baulderstone - Audiologist

Samantha Stevens - Audiologist 

They are prepared, committed and ready to stand up for a fair Enterprise Agreement at RIDBC. 

The team have gotten together this week and have drafted and endorsed an initial Log of Claims, which was communicated to management yesterday. 

A Log of Claims is a document that outlines the union's position during negotiations. This is drafted based on consultation with our membership during workplace visits, Zoom meetings and through our online survey. You can read our endorsed initial Log of Claims at this link.

RIDBC proposed at yesterday's meeting that they intend to hold an additional Bargaining meeting later in December involving all unions and parties before we reconvene next year.

We will continue to keep you updated throughout the process. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact your local HSU representative or email your HSU Organiser Thomas Gao via [E-Mail not displayed] or Industrial Officer Ed Yap via [E-Mail not displayed]

We are stronger together!

If you know of a colleague who isn't yet a union member, forward them this email and encourage them to join their union. We are most effective when we are united and working together. New members can join the union online at or call 1300 478 679.