IRC Wage Freeze Update

Dear Member,

The continued delay in a decision on your wages by the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) is a further example of how broken the current wages policy and awards system is for health workers in NSW.

Not only is the wage increase amount uncertain, the likelihood of backpay is also unknown, if not unlikely.

Combined with the fact that Public Health Awards have not been re-negotiated since 2008, it is clear the current system has moved from unsatisfactory to outrageous.  

Public health workers are entitled to be angry. The time for change has long since arrived.

In addition to the unfair approach on wages, further issues that stand out include:

  • Award conditions below the legal federal minimum for private sector workers.
  • Classifications so out of date that thousands of HSU members are working outside of their classifications.
  • An allowances structure and amounts that can best be described as a dog’s breakfast.
  • An Award system that is not fit for purpose and does not facilitate a modern health system.
  • No ability to bargain for higher wages and career paths that reflect the increased responsibility of the work.

That is why we launched the campaign to end the unfair wages policy and fix the Awards.

The first step is to fill out this survey and have your say:

The results of this survey will form the basis of what we put to the government.

In addition to doing the survey yourself, encourage your workmates to do the survey. Forward the link to them and let them know we can only fix the current system if we fight together.

You can also encourage your workmates to join the HSU here or phone 1300 478 679.

This will be a tough fight, but one that we can definitely win with a strong, united and unionised workforce.