IRT has a view about your Agreement - What's yours?

This morning, IRT announced its preferred option to roll over your current Agreement, maintaining your existing conditions of employment and offering a 1.5% wage increase paid in January next year.

This would mean negotiations would be put on hold until next year, instead of kicking off now.

IRT is correct in stating that many other providers have taken this approach, and have offered the same or similar wage offers. But many other providers haven’t put their workforces through a roster restructure and now a cleaning review.

Just because IRT has a preference doesn’t mean that you and your IRT colleagues have to accept it. The decision to negotiate – or not – is also up to you.

Members are asked to fill out this survey to express your views:

Once results are collated, HSU delegates and members will discuss next steps.

If you know someone who isn’t an HSU member, let them know that the decisions about your Agreement are as much yours as they are IRT’s. If they want to have a say about their wages and conditions, if they want to stand with you and other HSU members, they can join at or call 1300 478 679.