ISLHD: Proposed restructure of palliative care services

Dear Member,

Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD) have advised the HSU about the clinical operations directorate’s proposed restructure of the Palliative Care Services.

Following an initial notification from ISLHD in November 2022, regarding the changes to services within the Clinical Operations Directorate, the LHD has now proposed a new organisation chart within the Palliative Care Services.

Palliative Care Service will be removed from the current Aged Care, Palliative Care and Rehabilitation Division within the Clinical Operations, under the proposal, moving to the Palliative Care Divion within the Integrated Community Services and Mental Health Directorate. A co-director model would oversee Palliative Care Services.

The LHD believes this will provide better services for the increasing ageing population in the region.

You can view the correspondence at the below links:

What do you think?

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