Liverpool Ward Orderlies Update

The HSU met with management on Friday 13th November to discuss a range of issues that currently affect Ward Orderlies employed at Liverpool Hospital. At the meeting, the following was agreed to:

  1. Transfers to HSB/Goulburn Street: The HSU has raised our objections to Ward Orderlies taking part in the practice of transporting patients for treatment at clinics off site. Most of these transports involve taking patients to attend appointments at the Health Services Building on Campbell St. The HSU objected to this practice as it poses a potential WHS hazard to members performing this task. At the meeting, the LHD stated that they are seeking advice from NSW Health on the matter and will be guided on that advice. In addition, management suggested a more probable way forward would involve these services provided on site to patients, minimising the need for such transports. The only area that this may not be practical would be where Oral Health Services are required.
  2. Mortuary Discharges: This is an issue that has long frustrated HSU members, and with good reason. The solution put to the HSU by management would see after hours discharges performed by Nursing staff.  In terms of Ward Orderlies, it is proposed that after hours our members would only be required to escort the Nurse and counter sign the discharge as a witness.
  3. Bed Transfers: Management stated their support for Ward Orderlies to use the supplied bed movers. There are currently 18 Bed Movers available for staff to use around the Hospital and some members have raised concerns that they are difficult to locate.  To ensure they are easy to access for members, management recommend they be returned to the chargers when not in use. It has been revealed that there are members not using bed movers as they do not feel confident in their use. It was agreed that any member needing training in the use of the bed movers should contact Les so training can be provided. 
  4. Rosters: The long running issue of the roster was discussed at the meeting on Friday. Management presented a draft roster that was created from the expression of interest (EOI) put to members recently. In that EOI process members filled in their preferred shifts and then management created a roster based on these preferences.  In reviewing the draft roster, minor issues were noted by the parties. Management are currently making changes to the document to reflect the issues raised and will provide an updated document to the HSU. When we receive the finalized document, the Union will call a meeting of members to discuss the draft roster.

This meeting proved to be productive in that we had movement on multiple issues. Once we receive the finalised roster, your Organiser Kim Naylor will call a meeting of all members employed as Ward Orderlies at Liverpool Hospital to discuss.   

Do you know someone who isn’t a member of the HSU? Encourage them to join and have their say! New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.