Maintenance of rosters - 'Waterfall Action' to commence first day shift 27 June

  • Published June 26, 2024
  • Industries

The campaign to ensure NSWA maintains all Taxpayer Funded Rosters (TFRs) continues.

If your station does not have a TFR QR code poster yet, email [E-Mail not displayed] and one will be sent to you. In less than a month, there have been at least 301 stations report that their community is below TFR via the QR code. 301 communities in one month is a lot.

During last month’s stop work meeting in relation to the amazing stand the Rutherford members took for their community, a member suggested a new action – the ‘Waterfall Action’ (see related NL and vote here).

Just over 85% of members who voted endorsed the following action:

SHIFT MOVEMENTS (Waterfall action)

  • Members will only participate in shift movements in line with the dual crewing policy (WI2023-107). That is, they will only move to a station to team up with a single if they are able to be teamed up within an hour of the commencement of shift time for the vacant shift.
  • If multiple movements are required, the Waterfall action will come into effect with each movement only to occur once the first has been completed.
  • Any singles tasked to a case while waiting for a partner to arrive will press respond and remain in their vehicle in the station driveway until coord can assure them that their backup is within 10 minutes of arriving and will not be called off.

If an ADHSU paramedic is going to be left single for a long period of time (more than one hour), they should go third up on a car unless given legitimate admin duties and clearly identified as not being available to respond while single.

The Waterfall action commences first day shift tomorrow, 27 June and will continue indefinitely (it’s enforcing a work instruction rather than true action).